Grimm Ales’ First Anniversary Bottled Blend of Beers

Combining liquid that's a year old with some recently brewed, a release that encapsulates the brewery's efforts so far

Prior to opening their airy and ambitious Williamsburg outpost, Joe and Lauren Grimm were running their brewery, CH favorite Grimm Ales, on a nomadic basis. The pair would develop a recipe on their home-brewing system (inside their Gowanus apartment) and then translate that recipe to the operation of larger pre-existing breweries willing to lend space. There, they’d make their beer, bottle or can it, and sell it at pop-ups. Six years of this process taught them what was required to open their own physical brewery, which they did in 2018.

Artists by trade, the pair were brewing beer on the low in various cities to accompany gallery shows, studio pop-ups and concerts. It wasn’t until returning to the east coast that they considered taking on the craft full time. Despite their circumstances, they were making some of the best beer in the country. Grimm was sought after by beer geeks near and far and plenty begged the two to open their own space—even though their distribution and a burgeoning beer-trading market carried their cans and bottles quite far.

Now, a year after opening their doors at the aforementioned Williamsburg space, Grimm has settled in as one of NYC’s best brewers and one of the nation’s most notable names in craft beer.

As such, it’s fitting that the brewery offers a beer that encapsulates their journey thus far. The Time is Now is a “small-batch blended barrel-aged peach/raspberry sour” that “highlights the complexity of our finest barrel stock, and folds in beer brewed before our opening day last year.” The brewery continues, “French oak lends nuance of vanilla and tannins, and our house mixed-culture creates a well-rounded acid complexity. We re-fermented this special anniversary beer on four lbs/gallon of peaches and raspberries.”

The unsurprisingly delicious release will be available at their taproom (990 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn) on 29 June, with allocations set at $48 a magnum, limited to two per person. Though it’s guaranteed to sell out quickly, the brewery will have plenty more cans and bottles for sale and a long list of beers on tap.

Images courtesy of Grimm Ales