A new snack perfect for the couch or the bar gives you half the pop and all of the crunch and flavor


One of the great joys of eating a bowl of popcorn is picking out the half-popped kernels that settle to the bottom. Imagine the gluttonous excitement of finding Halfpops—a bag full of only half popped kernels. What it takes away from the satisfaction of the popcorn bowl search it makes up for with its all natural, nothing artificial, gluten free and tasty crunchy goodness.

CEO and co-founder Mike Fitzgerald (a former professional race car driver) came across a patent for the process and acquired it in 2009. It took more than a year to find the right methodology and tweak the otherwise standard industrial popping equipment to create Halfpops. The process involves both “manipulating the moisture content” of the kernels and then preventing them from fully popping. Interestingly, the process doesn’t produce any fully popped kernels, so nothing is wasted. Mike says that the process is “actually pretty difficult to do.” Now if they could only remove the shells…


Halfpops are currently available in two flavors—Natural Butter and Pure Ocean Sea Salt and Natural Aged White Cheddar, though voting has already begun on their site for the next flavor. Halfpops are made in Seattle and available in local markets. The rest of us can order online directly from Halfpops. A case of 16 2oz bags sells for $24.