Hangar One Infused Raspberry Vodka


Unlike most flavored vodkas that use chemical additives to get their kicks, Hangar One Raspberry Vodka is actually distilled straight from the famous Meeker raspberry harvested in Washington State. With its red color and unique taste, its a different experience altogether. Only one batch is made yearly in June, the latest was recently made available in limited quantities.

The heady aroma belies a surprisingly refreshing drink that's great straight up or with a splash of soda. Hangar One recommends trying it with dark chocolate but consider yourself forewarned: just because it's made of raspberries doesn't mean it isn't as potent. On the upside, no additives or sugar mean less of a hangover.

Similar to red wine, raspberry makes it a photosensitive beverage necessitating a darker bottle to block out UV rays that might further alter or ferment the product. Available in extremely limited quantities, you'd be smart to stockpile a few bottles if you like it. Get it online at at K&L for $35 or try your local liquor store. In New York it's available at Thirst.