Charbay Green Leaf Tea Vodka


The Zen martini, served at the new restaurant Simon LA (Iron Chef Simon Kerry's successor to his Vegas spot), gets its unique flavor from Charbay Green Leaf Tea Vodka.

Brewed in small batches in Northern California by the Karakasevic family, the Green Tea flavor's bite nicely balances a mixed drink and makes for a great aperitif as well. The flavor is one of several fresh fruit vodkas that Charbay has been producing for over a decade (the Karakasevic family boasts 13 generations in wine-making and distilling), including Ruby Red Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon, Red Raspberry, Blood Orange and, most recently, Pomegranate. Using only the best fruits, the extraction process takes six months and each flavor is bottled only once a year at the peak of each fruit's season.

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