Three Healthy Snack Bars

New fruity, nutty and chocolate-covered bars bursting with energy and nutrients

Most snack bars boost energy with sugars and other simple carbs, leading to an unhealthy crash and burn. Below check out a few nutritious options, all-new and made with wholesomely energy-rich ingredients.


Mrs. May’s Sesame Strips

We’ve been long-time fans of Mrs. May’s crunches, especially their Black Sesame Crunch, which is why we’re excited about their recently-launched all-sesame bars. The new kind of snack bar, called Mrs. May’s Sesame Strips—is a unique blend of sesame seeds and fruit with just a touch of sugar. With flavors like black sesame, white sesame, or white sesame with acai-strawberry, goji-cranberry, or pom-blueberry, each bar is packed with high-quality, healthy ingredients. Sesame Strips sell from Whole Foods and other grocers, or online for less than $1 each.

Corazona_banwal_1.jpg Corazonas_brownie.jpg
Corazonas Oatmeal Squares

Using their patented method of infusing plant sterols into foods to help lower cholesterol, online where a 12-pack costs around $20.


Nature’s Path Granola Bars

Known for their genuine dedication to improving the planet while creating deliciously organic snacks, Nature’s Path also listens to their customers with the same intensity. They recently improved their granola bar line by adding ultra-tasty flavors like Chococonut—a dark chocolate chip bar infused with freshly shredded coconut and whole grain oats—as well as MMMaple Pecan and Berry Strawberry. They have also reformatted their packaging to create the EnviroBox, a 36% smaller, more eco-friendly product. The bars sell online in five-packs for around $5 a box.