NuGo Bars

New sweet-and-salty flavors from the better-tasting nutrition bar brand


When you’re out and about, pumping iron or just running a busy schedule, it’s nice to have a nutrition boost handy. Next time you’re in a spot, give NuGo’s above-average bars a try. Their use of pure natural ingredients comes through in their taste, giving them an obvious edge over the competition. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the brand’s commitment to quality is even stronger. For their chocolate-covered bars, they go so far as to make their own chocolate in-house.

The latest additions to the Dark collection, peanut butter cup and chocolate pretzel flavors, introduce a sweet-savory mix to the line. These delicious new options, like all Nugo bars, can be enjoyed guilt-free. Each contains 10 grams of protein and contains all-natural dairy-free ingredients. On top of that, the bars are also low fat, vegan, and certified kosher.


For those looking for a gluten-free snack, NuGo bars have a rice-based version too, selling for $19 per box (includes 12 bars) on their website. They have low-fat and high protein organic and vegan bars as well to suit a variety of dietary needs.