Highland Park’s Rich New Expression, Dark Origins

A truly bold single malt scotch from double the amount of first-fill sherry casks


Aside from being one of the most reliable single malt makers out there, Highland Park also regularly bolsters their core expression offerings with new releases of masterful scotch whisky. Their latest, Dark Origins, is no different—though it is a step away from their acclaimed Warrior series. Hailing from Orkney, an island off the north coast of the Scottish highlands, Highland Park has chosen to honor their founder Magnus Eunson with this new whisky—one that captures the spirit of the late 1700s distiller who began his work in a secret bunker, crafting the spirit for the townsfolk.

Despite its deep amber coloration, Dark Origins avoids distiller’s caramel, something often used to create the rich hues of whisky. Instead, this single malt banks on the usage of double the amount of first-fill sherry casks for aging—meaning these casks haven’t held any other brown spirit until the Highland Park. Beyond the color, it also begets a supreme amount of spice to the nose and the palate, giving way to the brand’s signature smokiness. True to the name, it is darker and fuller and, at 46.8% ABV, it’s not shy on potency. For fans of highland single malts, this is a worthy addition to any collection and a valuable expression in an already impressive portfolio.

Dark Origins is now available from the Highland Park website for £65, plus global shipping costs or at local retailers stateside for $80.

Images by Cool Hunting