Highland Park Loki

The mischievous Norse god embodied in a complex 15-year-old single malt


Inspired by the mischievous and mercurial Nordic god, the amber liquid of the newly released Loki seems to capture the unpredictable shape-shifting nature of its namesake. Matured in both Spanish sherry and heavily peated casks, the flavors offer sweetness and spice with a layer of smoke that distinguishes the Loki bottling from classic Highland Park
whiskies. “The whisky transforms itself through nosing and tasting into a classic Highland Park expression but with a twist. From citrus on the nose to the puff of smoke on the tongue then a glorious combination of fruit and vanilla on the finish, Loki is a testament to the skill of Highland Park’s whisky maker Max McFarlane,” brand ambassador Martin Daraz tells us.

Following Thor as the second of four rare whisky offerings in the Valhalla Whisky of the Gods series from Highland Park, Loki comes housed in the same wooden frame resembling a Viking long ship that helped its predecessor sell out rapidly. The northernmost distillery in Scotland, Highland Park was established in 1798 on the remote isle of Orkney—a fitting setting for this seafaring package. Though the Nordic god Loki was known for creating discord and distraction among the Nordic gods, this Loki is more likely to put a smile on the faces of whisky collectors around the world.

Loki will be available in select whisky retailers and at the Highland Park Distillery and website for $249.

Image courtesy of Highland Park Distillery