Sunup is Coffee For Tea Drinkers

The green coffee brand found the lightest roasts always tasted best—so they decided not to roast at all

“It was 2011 and we were drinking a lot of traditional coffee. We noticed the best tasting coffees always came from the lightest roasts. Then it hit us: why roast at all?” Sunup boasts on its website. The idea sounds ambitious at best and worthy of never mentioning again at worst. But, it’s these sort of ideas that push the envelope and introduce consumers to products they never knew they needed.

Sunup’s line of “green coffee” is comprised of two variations of a latte (sweetened with cane sugar and unsweetened) and three variations of their “black” equivalent (unsweetened, sweetened with cane sugar and sweetened with Stevia). All of the Sunup coffees are made from green coffee beans that skip roasting and are then steeped like a green tea—so, the final product is loaded with antioxidants, 100% organic, low in acidity and caffeine rich (285mg, for a large cup of coffee).

The unsweetened and sweetened latte versions are a combination of organic green coffee, non-gmo, grass-fed whole milk and organic bourbon vanilla–at 60 and 110 calories, respectively. The “black” versions, unsweetened, sweetened with cane sugar and sweetened with stevia, boast 0, 60, 0 calorie counts, respectively. Everything about these is reminiscent of iced tea—its smooth, sugary flavor, the herbal essence and uplifting quality—except it kicks like coffee.

Images by Evan Malachosky