London’s Best Cocktail Bars App

An iOS discovery tool featuring the top places for mixed drinks in the ever-evolving city

LondonCocktailBars-01.jpg LondonCocktailBars-02.jpg

Discovery-based apps aren’t just for tourists. Case in point: the new iOS application London’s Best Cocktail Bars. Fit for any appreciator of mixed drinks in the city of London, the app is comprised of hand-selected locations from one of the UK’s best independent cocktail connoisseurs, Gin Monkey. Developed by the folks at Blue Crow Media, London’s Best Cocktail Bars is a reliable new addition to their already useful array of apps (including the Burgerapp we’ve tested and loved). But with this new offering, 100 leading cocktail establishments are cleanly organized into master lists defined by location or rating, or visible overlaid on a map. Many neighborhoods across the city are covered, and each entry comes complete with detailed reviews, specific drink recommendations and even news—all of which are regularly updated.

“Essentially, I worked with Emma (Gin Monkey) before, and we made an app together called Cocktail Challenge,” Blue Crow Media’s founder Derek Lamberton shares with CH. “We had a lot of fun with that, about a year and a half ago, and I really liked working with her. That’s sort of the name of the game with me: find someone to work with. In terms of what’s happening in London right now, cocktails are the next big thing to target for the audience that I really hit. It was a no brainer.” What began as a fun project has turned into a nice resource for a city where the cocktail scene continues to grow. It’s easy to use, the information is top notch and, with a directions tab that launches either Google Maps or Apple Maps, it’s a sound way to make a selection and get there.

Download London’s Best Cocktail bars from the iTunes app store for £2.49.

Images courtesy of Blue Crow Media