Pidge Boards

Handmade cutting boards crafted from exotic hardwoods, with matched quality and beauty


A quality wood cutting board will last a lifetime and only improve with age and use. With summer barbecue and picnic season in full force, we wanted a board that would stand the test of time and look good along the way. Pidge Boards from Boulder, Colorado-based artisan Ryan McMurray are just the board, and with occasional mineral oil treatment—necessary for all wood cutting boards—Pidge Boards maintain a shine and still gain character with each use.

McMurray, whose family nickname is Pidge, started Pidge Boards as a creative outlet from his carpentry work. He takes great care with every board he produces. “Everything is done by hand,” he says, “from the selection of the pieces of wood, to the cutting and sanding down to the branding.” Utilizing mostly hardwoods such as Purple Heart, Paduk, Eucalyptus and Curly Maple, the composition of McMurray’s boards enhance the natural texture and color of the woods. All Pidge Boards are one of a kind, each with a unique pattern and composition of woods. McMurray also creates custom made-to-order boards as well as hardwood coasters.

pidge-boards-detail-top.jpg pidge-boards-detail-logo.jpg

Starting at just $60 for the smaller board (11″x19″) with our display model at $70, Pidge Boards are an excellent value for their cost. With each board being unique and McMurray’s ability to create custom woodwork according to customer’s specifications, it’s easy to get stuck on the aesthetic quality of Pidge Boards. “A lot of people don’t even use them as cutting boards,” he laughs, “they make great serving trays, but they are fully functional.” Check out the Pidge Boards website.

Images by Hans Aschim