Purity Coconut Water

Organic hydration in an eco-friendly powdered mix


Powdered varietals of anything can be a bit hit-and-miss. As coconut water aficionados, we approached YogaEarth‘s “Purity” coconut water with a due degree of skepticism. While it didn’t quite live up to other fresh offerings, the mix was met with unanimous approval. Powder—while not the sexiest of states—has the advantage of extended shelf life, commuter-friendly packaging and a lower ecological footprint since you’re transporting powder in biodegradable paper rather than liquid in plastic bottles.

YogaEarth’s personal relationship with their farms ensures fair treatment of workers at the source, and their commitment to health keeps the crystalized coconut water 100% organic. The virgin coconuts are hand-harvested in Brazil and Java, and no ingredients are added to enhance the flavor.


YogaEarth’s recently released ready-to-go sticks are also a boon for commuters in need of convenient hydration. The powder fully dissolves without any gritty dregs for a slightly sweet drink or a healthy addition to smoothies. Teeming with electrolytes and minerals, coconut water is the recovery drink of choice post-workout and post-Saturday night.

Purity Coconut Water is available from YogaEarth’s online shop.