The Sidebar Project

Tradition meets innovation in a design collaboration centered around the at-home bar

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Since stepping on the scene nearly five years ago, Teroforma has stayed true to their core as a tableware company committed to honest design. The husband-and-wife team seeks out manufacturers and designers who share their passion for quality, and as a result have worked with some of the most talented artisans around the world.


Evidence of their high standards is clearly visible in the latest addition to their lineup—a set of impeccably crafted glassware and coordinating liquor cabinet created in collaboration with Seattle-based design studio Urbancase. Dubbed The Sidebar Project, the collection is the first in what they predict to be several executed together under the label Crafted. It includes a handmade hutch in either walnut or white Corian, and stemware boasting an elegant crosshatched diamond pattern that was cut into the crystal using a new machining method.

Invented by Bohemia Machine in the Czech Republic, the BM-Jack 1 is an automated machine that closely mocks manual glass-cutting with a micro-format technique that controls the depth of each cut.

teroforma-crafted3.jpg teroforma-crafted4.jpg

Before employing this innovative cutting method, each glass—conceived by Prague-based designer Roman Vrtiska for Teroforma—is mouthblown against a hand-carved wooden mold.


The pattern, originally programmed on a computer, is then translated by the BM-Jack 1 and cut into the surface of the non-lead crystal glass. The upshot is a beautifully constructed glass with a highly detailed pattern at a lower price point than hand-etched crystal.

Glassware for The Sidebar Project spans $55-65 and the handcrafted liquor cabinets start at $3,100. Created in limited runs, contact the companies through the “Crafted” website for purchasing. See more images in the gallery below.