Skratch Labs Rescue Hydration Mix

A palatable, all-natural, travel-friendly combatant to dehydration


Whether you’re flying from New York to Hong Kong, summiting alpine peaks or getting over the flu (or a hangover), dehydration looms. Letting one’s fuel gage dip into the red often results in headaches, dizziness and a host of feelings you’ll want to avoid—especially if facing a customs officer who is particularly suspicious. Luckily, the team at Boulder, CO’s Skratch Labs have created a palatable combatant to dehydration with their Rescue Hydration Mix. Founder Dr Allen Lim started making his own nutritional supplements when he was resident sports scientist and coach for a professional cycling team. Disappointed with all the artificial chemical laden offerings on the market, Lim created a product that’s flavored with real fruit and contains no artificial ingredients. The Rescue Hydration Mix calls to mind San Pellegrino Limonata—without the carbonation.

A single serving ($2) mixes with 500ml of water for a light, refreshing solution to dehydration—whatever the reason. Pick up an eight-pack for $15 from Skratch Labs.

Image by Cool Hunting