Skweet Sport Bottle Wash

A biodegradable rinse for effortlessly cleaning reusable bottles

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As global awareness of the benefits of choosing reusable water bottles, a little education on the best way to clean them is in order. Dishwasher heat releases harmful chemicals in some plastics (not to mention melts some of them), and washing by hand can often leave soap behind or grow mold if the bottle doesn’t dry out properly.

Developed by cyclist Jennifer Letscher, Skweet powder cleans and deodorizes plastic, aluminum and stainless steel sports bottles, easily ridding them of germs and rank smells that seem to linger behind after use.

Requiring little more than a good shake, Skweet uses all-natural, biodegradable ingredients such as citric acid and grapefruit oil that activates with warm water to clean bottles.

Each recyclable tub holds enough powder for about 24 washes, and sells online from Skweet or various bike shops for $9.