Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha

A uniquely smoky, fruity and spicy sauce fit for any number of dishes


In recent years Sriracha seems to have taken over the condiment world, fitting into countless recipes and onto an equal number of dishes. Considering the spicy sauce’s range of applications, and our widely publicized love of whiskey, it’s no surprise we were drawn to the new barrel-aged sriracha from Sosu Sauces. While the Kickstarter campaign has been underway for just over a week now, we just recently had the chance to try a batch of the three month whiskey barrel-aged sriracha.


Even before tasting, the whiskey barrel’s influence is detectable through the nose. The aging process seems to pull a slight smokiness from the barrels as well, while the fermentation allows the red chili peppers to develop an authentic fruity flavor, giving it a more layered personality than most hot sauces. Hot by all accounts—although perhaps not as immediately spicy as the famous red rooster sauce—Sosu’s sriracha flavor lends itself to ample spreading with a nice lingering heat.

Visit the Sosu Sauces Kickstarter now to secure one of the first small batches to be produced for just $25. If you need a more immediate fix, check Sosu’s currently available Srirachup (made from organic California tomatoes) online.

Photos by Graham Hiemstra