Stillhouse Moonshine

A clear corn whiskey in an unbreakable stainless steel can

Bottling moonshine and distributing it undermines the very meaning of the word—it’s your grandfather’s sitting-in-his-backyard-lawn-chair drink, not something made in a factory and sold in stores. But we just could not resist the stainless steel cans that Stillhouse’s 100% 80 proof corn whiskey comes in. They kind of look like gigantic flasks, or maybe brake fluid or gasoline cans. The fun packaging is also useful: if you toss it in the freezer, it chills quickly. The 750mL volume is also a manageable stashing size, easy to whip out around the campfire and won’t break like glass bottles do. Slightly sweet, very smooth, Stillhouse’s hard alcohol sips more like a tequila or vodka, but its neutral base means they can play around successfully with flavors. In addition to their original moonshine, there are five “infusions” that include apple crisp, mint chip, coconut, peach tea, and red hot (cinnamon). Flavors that beg for a spontaneous get-together to start, stat.

Available online from Reserve Bar or in-store at a local stockist for $28 per can.

Images by Nara Shin