Sweet ‘tauk Lemonade

Celebrate the season with the Hamptons' local juice

Taking the motto “Made with love in Montauk,” Sweet ‘tauk Lemonade is a locavore juicer located at the far reaches of New York’s Long Island. Founder Debora Aiza makes lemonades that blend local ingredients and lemons imported from optimal growing conditions, sweetened with a touch of raw agave nectar. On a recent weekend in the Hamptons we paired ours with club soda to make refreshing—though we have it on good authority that they shine as cocktail mixers as well.

The unpasteurized drink foregoes sugar in favor of the natural agave for a mild sweetness that packs fewer calories than the standard summer juice, while flavor combinations like watermelon and cucumber and the season’s pitch-perfect iced tea-lemonade mix make Sweet ‘tauk a superior gourmet choice over sugary concentrates. At around $10 per quart, the lemonades are also a bit pricier than what you might see at a stand, but they’re well worth it for the small batch production and all-natural attributes.

The just-launched juices are currently available at East Hampton Gourmet Foods and Balsam Farms in Long Island, NY, though we expect to see Aiza’s concoctions making their way off the island sometime soon.