Tanka Bars

Savory Native American-made buffalo snack bars


After our camping kick last month we’ve had an eye out for great snacks that would work just as well in the outdoors as they do in the office. Achieving just that is the Tanka Bar, a meat-based snack high in protein and low in calories. This unconventional bar is sustainably made by Native American producers in South Dakota using 100% natural prairie-raised buffalo, cranberries and a very short list of natural flavors for seasoning.

The hearty bars are subtly accented by whole cranberries, which add a subtle sweetness and counterpunch to the meat. Fortunately, the cranberries are not overpowering or overly sweet. The one ounce bars have only 70 calories and a shelf life of one year, and they’re available in traditional and a spicy pepper blend—which we prefer. Pick up a bar for around $2.50 at your local store or buy in bulk from Tanka directly.