Tesseron Cognac

Steeped in viticulture heritage, the French brandy-maker's cellars date back to the 12th century


It comes as no surprise that Tesseron Cognac—with its family lineage at the pinnacle of winemaking—is among the more graceful and interesting offerings in the world of brandy. Alfred Tesseron is the current director of the stunning estate in the heart of the eponymous region, along with one of the world’s most renowned and storied vineyards in Bordeaux, Château Pontet-Canet. History aside, what truly matters here is the liquid and the experience that surrounds imbibing it. With an emphasis on the holistic experience, Tesseron insists that bottles are heavy, detail-oriented and carefully designed for a memorable pour.


“Our Cognacs are known by connoisseurs for their elegance and finesse,” Tesseron explains over a glass. “We are specialized in XO and Beyond Grande Champagne Cognac. Grand Champagne is the best terroir located in the heart of Cognac. ‘Beyond’ is to indicate that we hold a unique inventory of very old eaux de vie in our 12th century Paradis cellars, which we inherited from my grandfather’s collection.” Extending beyond the run-of-the-mill age categories, special blends like the Tresor make use of these rare spirits, for a cognac that is truly unlike anything else and surely made to be treasured, shared and enjoyed.

Browse a wide range of Tesseron’s offerings from Britain’s oldest wine shop, Berry Bros. & Rudd, where a bottle of Lot N° 90 XO retails for £65.

Images courtesy of Tesseron Cognac