Union Wine Co. + Marshall’s Haute Sauce: Red Haute Pinot Noir

A mulled wine with a jalapeño finish, from two local Oregon producers

With their “pinkies down” approach, Oregon’s Union Wine Co. is forever releasing fun, forward-thinking products, from an entirely drinkable wine in a can to wine-flavored candies. Their latest offering plays upon everyone’s seasonal interest in mulled wine. Partnering with another local Oregon brand, Marshall’s Haute Sauce, they’ve just debuted a Red Haute Pinot Noir. There’s spice all around and some heat to the finish, but ultimately it’s a clever take on their 2014 Kings Ridge Pinot, a rich red that reflects the brand’s core as thoughtful winemakers.

The Red Haute Pinot Noir can be served and enjoyed hot or cold. Unsurprisingly, the wine takes its flavor queues from Marshall’s Cranberry Red Jalapeño sauce. That doesn’t mean the hot sauce was added, but acted as an inspiration. In actuality, 100% cranberry juice, cinnamon sticks, chili flakes, cloves and whole star anise were incorporated during production—meaning it keeps a 13% ABV, rather than losing potency as mulled wine sometimes does.

Heather Wallberg, Marketing Manager at Union Wine Co., shares with CH, “Marshall’s Haute Sauce is a company that we’ve enjoyed; the products they’ve created and the business philosophy they have—creating fresh and local small-batch products without any binders or additives utilizing a farm to table strategy and buying local whenever possible.” With that in mind, “Sarah and Dirk [of Marshall’s] came up with the initial recipe and came out to the winery to taste us through it, and it worked amazingly well.” The result calls to mind the mulled wines of our memories, but with a definite new zing.

Purchase the Red Haute Pinot Noir online for $18, with delivery slated for 23 November 2015.

Images by Cool Hunting