White Girl Rosé by The Fat Jew

Announcing a bright California wine helmed by the internet superstar and done in collaboration with White Girl Problems


Drawing inspiration from the despair-laden Hamptons rosé shortage of 2014, Josh Ostrovsky—best known as The Fat Jew—and Babe Walker of White Girl Problems have teamed up to ease future summer drinking fears. The result, White Girl Rosé, happens to be a vibrant pink wine that’s “cruelty free, conflict free… everything free,” according to Walker. While there are plenty of superb rosé options out there, everyone can agree that as a wine, it should be fun. And the internet would be hard pressed to find more fun folks than Ostrovsky and Walker (his 4.2 million Instagram followers and her 903K Twitter followers can attest to that). As the amount of crates they’ll be shipping is still unreleased, let’s just hope it doesn’t run out.

White Girl Rosé will be available on Fresh Direct, at select wine and liquor stores (including in the Hamptons) and through the Minibar delivery app on 5 June 2015.

Image courtesy of White Girl Rosé