App-Enabled Cooc Countertop Slow Cooker

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use multi-appliance for the kitchen


The slow cooker has been a staple in kitchens around the world for decades. Whether it’s ease of operation or the delectable impact on the food inside, there’s no denying the value. However, it’s one appliance that—until now—hasn’t seen much innovation despite an array of new offerings in the slow cooking movement. With the new Cooc design concept, TriBeCa’s Impel Studio hopes to change that. Demonstrating the same forward-thinking approach that we saw executed behind the scenes of the Normal 3D-printed earphones, Impel hopes to bring advanced functionality with Cooc, introducing a partnering smartphone app alongside the WiFi-enabled cooker. At a time when slow cooking and sous vide continue to thrive through a cultural resurgence, this would be a nice addition to any countertop.


At its core, the Cooc banks upon laboratory-grade precision heating—hailing from an induction heat cooking base which supports a removable double walled pot. The cooking base also sports WiFi connectivity and a weight sensor. That, when coupled with an embedded thermometer, provides information to a smartphone interface for not only monitoring the Cooc, but also controlling it while it’s working—whether or not you are even in the same room, building or neighborhood. For those seeking to access its controls directly, there’s also a touchpad and OLED graphic display on the appliance. Additionally, Impel Studio proposes the app contain a roster of recipes and cooking programs.

The Cooc incorporates many features found across multiple specialized cooking appliances, all in an aesthetically pleasing bundle. Altogether, it’s a modern and sophisticated upgrade to a time-tested method that Impel Studio co-founders Matt Chin and Gaz Brown hope to one day bring to market.

Images courtesy of Impel Studio