Wood Burl Coffee Roasters

Outstanding single origin coffee roasted in small batches in Dayton, Ohio


Picking up a bag of fresh, locally roasted coffee is no longer limited to major cities. After 10 years working professionally in the coffee business, Brett Barker decided to turn his personal hobby of home roasting into a full-time job. Setting up shop in Dayton, Ohio, Barker quickly developed an impassioned following over the past year with Wood Burl Coffee Roasters. “I believe what sets me apart is the desire to become the best roaster I can, to only roast quality coffee, and to always be improving my palate,” Barker explains. “This is a cliché response, but I’m neurotic about my coffee’s outcome.” His small batch approach allows for a heightened level of control over each roast, meaning he can bring forth the natural complexities and sweetness found in the beans. After brewing a few cups of Barker’s latest roasts, it’s clear that his passion project has developed into a craft. Each roast is decidedly bold, with a defined and balanced palate. The Ethiopian Aramo is a standout, offering a bright nose with citrus and stone fruit notes.

Shop Wood Burl’s latest offerings online, where a 12 oz bag of freshly roasted beans starts at $15. If you’re in Dayton, be sure to stop at Barker’s coffee shop Press downtown to pick up a bag of beans or to have a cup of cold brew direct from the tap.

Image by Cool Hunting