Hamptons Lane

A New York-based coffee company set on getting you the perfect cup, whatever your tastes


For some, searching for the perfect cup of coffee is akin to searching for the Holy Grail. With so many variables in the roasting process and bean selection, the flavor range in coffee is wide. And, since palate preferences range from person to person, knowing whether you prefer light or dark roasts, smoky or sweet tasting notes is the first step towards finding your perfect cup. Hamptons Lane, a New York-based coffee retailer, wants to help coffee drinkers discover their palates and connect them with the freshest, most personalized coffee from America’s finest roasters.

Sourcing coffee from over 40 roasters across the US, Hamptons Lane focuses primarily on variety, quality and freshness. A roaster in Rhode Island may make the perfect bean for a coffee enthusiast in Chicago, but they might never find one another. Hamptons Lane serves to connect carefully selected artisan roasters to coffee drinkers across the country, based on flavor preferences.


Hamptons Lane offers a quick, six-question tasting quiz to get you and your palate on the right track. It takes less than a minute and requires virtually no coffee knowledge, simply answer according to your preferences and habits. Even for coffee veterans, the tasting quiz may offer new insights into your sensory inclinations. We tested the quiz and found it to be spot-on for our coffee preferences. With the “Explorer” profile, our test revealed that we enjoy coffees on a wide tasting spectrum—as long as they are at the extremes of the spectrum.


Hamptons Lane connected us with two roasters we would have otherwise possibly missed. DOMA Coffee Roasting Company of Idaho is perhaps best known for its “The Chronic” coffee, a dark roast with strong notes of dark chocolate and a hint of walnut. While many of Hamptons Lane’s coffees are fair-trade and organic, DOMA goes one step further in giving growers a good price for their precious beans. DOMA develops lasting relationships with the communities where their coffee is grown and buys beans directly from farmers, as a member of Cooperative Coffees. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the “Soo Good” roast from San Francisco-based Philz Coffee, is a light roast with sweet highlights and smoky undertones. Both roasts appeal to our “Explorer” palate with their bold, vibrant flavors.

In addition to connecting customers with roasters all over the country, Hamptons Lane roasts nine of its own coffees in house. Build your own custom blend by choosing between three light, medium and dark roasts, and then add your own custom label and description. Visit Hamptons Lane’s website to take the flavor quiz and select four six-ounce sampler bags from artisan roasters for $25 or create a 12-ounce custom blend for just $14.

Sample image by Hans Aschim, additional images courtesy of Hamptons Lane