Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Anger vs hate, more gender options on Tinder, animals being funny and more in our web round-up

1. Digitize Physical Prints With Google’s New PhotoScan App

With Google’s new PhotoScan app, one can digitize their physical photos at home using only the standard smartphone camera. It’s not quite up to par with a scanner, but it’s a substantial improvement upon snapping a photo of a photo and cropping. Using four points on the hard image, the app initiates a more accurate, thorough capture. Additionally, the Google Photos app also received an upgrade with an array of “pro editor” options including exposure, highlights and shadows features.

2. Surreal and Gorgeous Car Images in Palm Springs

Arguably the most beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera model, the 1973 iteration has been manipulated for artist Chris Labrooy’s surreal, candy-colored “911” series. Each modified piece sees a 911 (or several) placed in unlikely scenes in sunny Palm Springs—with plenty of the city’s stunning mid-century architecture included. Labrooy successfully takes a few of our favorite things, morphs them, and makes a combination that’s a veritable feast for the eyes. See more at designboom.

3. Designing for Social Reform

After the recent election results, many people in the creative community have voiced their determination to work with and for organizations that will need the most help. As FastCo’s Meg Miller says, “With a Trump presidency, using design in support of social progress will be more important than ever.” From Jennifer Kinon (design director for the Hillary for America campaign) to Jessica Hische (type designer and illustrator), Miller reached out to several design leaders to find out about next steps. Read more at Fast Co.

4. Anger vs Hate

While it’s perfectly healthy and natural to be angry, NYC-based holistic psychiatrist Meredith Bergman says it’s time to slow down and reflect when that anger starts morphing into hatred. This isn’t just for your mental health, but your physical wellbeing too: “Doctors say a burst of cortisol (the stress hormone) from negative emotions can trigger inflammation in the body, which is linked to health problems like cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders.” So in order to keep angry and aware, but not slip into a negative and unhealthy state, head to Well and Good for some tips.

5. New Photo Book Showcases 20 Years of Apple Design

From 1998’s iMac (remember that one?) to 2015’s Apple Pencil, the new hardcover book “Designed by Apple in California” celebrates and explores 20 years of Apple-designed products. Shot by photographer Andrew Zuckerman, each of the 450 images delves into not only the finished product, but also the intense design process. Like its current devices, the photographs are minimal and sleek—the ideal way to demonstrate all the ins and outs of the designs. Available today, the book comes in two sizes—small and large—and costs $199 or $299 respectively.

6. Vale, David Mancuso, DJ and Dance Culture Legend

Dance culture pioneer, DJ and The Loft founder, David Mancuso has passed away at age 72. Not only was The Loft considered NYC’s first underground dance party, Mancuso was determined to make it a safe and welcoming place for everybody. He told Red Bull Music Academy back in 2013, “The core [idea behind The Loft] is social progress. How much social progress can there be when you’re in a situation that is repressive? You won’t get much social progress in a nightclub. In New York City they changed the law [for entry into clubs, from] 18 to 21 years old; where can this age group go to dance? In my zone, you can be any age, a drinker or non-drinker, a smoker or a non-smoker. And that’s where I like to be.” There are several uplifting live mixes by Mancuso online, which we recommend listening to. And you can read more about him at The Guardian.

7. Tinder Allowing More Gender Options

In a blog post from Tinder yesterday, the dating app announced it’s introducing more gender options for users—meaning everybody can identify authentically. In the post, the company outlines just how easy it is: “When you tap ‘I Am’ and select ‘More’ you can type a word that describes your gender identity. You can also select to be shown in searches which best reflect your identity.” Acknowledging that the app hasn’t had enough tools to be inclusive before, the team at Tinder says that while they haven’t been perfect, they are continuing to learn and grow—and want to make everybody welcome.

8. 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners

Whether it’s a bear completely missing his prey, a grinning zebra or a fox diving head-first into snow, the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards winners are guaranteed to deliver good cheer. This year’s awards saw around 2,200 submissions from all over the world, and the winners (and finalists) are worth a look. There are many notable images but the pelican’s look of shock as it drops a fish from its beak is particularly amusing—and poignant. See more at The Washington Post.

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