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T Burnett’s Analog Aspirations

Vibrating panties, Nendo’s chopsticks, ancient brewers and more in our look at the web this week

With 50 years of professional experience and 13 Grammy awards (among countless others) on his shelf, T Burnett knows a thing or two about producing music. His recent collaboration, composing the soundtrack for the Coen brothers’ film “Inside Llewyn Davis,” has once again put him in the limelight and in an interview with Variety, the creative force speaks about the “sonic realities of the day” and his analog aspirations with his new imprint, Electromagnetic Records (which will have one of our indie favorites, Mini Mansions, on its roster). Regaling readers with the nuances of his accomplishments, he explains his main recording objective is to always make hearable the singer’s soul, while adapting to the realities of the way the audio world changes.

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