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Ajukaja & Andrevski: Rare Birds

Experimental South London pop, Molly Ringwald’s favorite jazz tunes, dreamy synth-pop and more in our weekly look at music

The Estonians have infiltrated the realm of deep house—duo Raul “Ajukaja” Saaremets (“Aju” meaning brain and “Kaja” meaning echo) and longtime friend Andrevski composed analog jams on hand-built equipment in their studio located in the country’s capital, Tallinn. “Rare Birds” is a single from their three-track EP Levels-002, which is the second production from new record label Levels, founded by NTS Radio DJ Jon Rust. The sparse house track pairs well with the equally subdued music video shot by David Graham. Its slightly off-tune melodies indeed mimic the songs of some rare birds, living in a lush, electronic forest, and has us itching to hear more.


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