Bijules + Leather & Porridge

From "Bubble Butt" to "When A Fire Starts To Burn," our look back at the music we tweeted this week

When Italian musician Roman Azzuro first met menswear designer Aurelia Paumelle at a party in Berlin shortly after moving to the German capital, he told her that he liked her clothes and that he was going to create the music for her next show. Bold move. Now the brilliant first track he recorded for her under the moniker Rouge Mécanique (which sounds like a late night collaboration between David Lynch, Mr Scruff and Andy Weatherall) plus a second track have been pressed on a limited edition 12″ record. It’s housed in a debossed, hand-stitched, super-soft leather sleeve designed, fittingly by Paumelle and Pyramids of Mars label boss Matt Edwards. If you missed LN-CC’s limited run of just 50 pressings, don’t worry—a full album is slated for imminent release.