Kishi Bashi: I Am the Anti-Christ to You

James Murphy's Bowie remix, Kishi Bashi, Boston Bun's "Flasher" and more in our look at the songs we tweeted this week

After cutting his teeth in the indie rock scene with the likes of Regina Spektor and Of Montreal, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and general creative virtuoso Kishi Bashi has been a critic favorite since his first solo release in 2011. Along with an insightful interview, the self-directed video for 2012’s “I Am the Anti-Christ to You” reveals a more wistful side of the artist. DIY paper-cut animation contrasted with Bashi’s lush, sprawling soundscape create a living environment that is at once blissful and tragic. Bashi’s music calls to mind the late Arthur Russell—also a trained violinist and electronic composer—with its melange of classical strings, pop structure and electronic elements.