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Ambient instrumentals, flawless falsetto and more in music that defies genre

Fousheé: single af

Along with her new song “single af,” Fousheé launched a break-up hotline (with real phone numbers to call) for individuals to share their best advice. Over a languid bass line, electric guitar and synths, Fousheé’s mellifluous vocals span the octaves. From her flawless falsetto to fast-paced delivery and meandering ad-libs, Fousheé blends contemporary elements with all the nostalgia of classic soul.

Elan Noon: Tricky Mother Nature

“Tricky Mother Nature,” a single from Canadian folk artist Elan Noon’s forthcoming album, Colour Story, indulges in just a touch of psychedelia while remaining subdued. Noon’s nonchalant vocals float atop unhurried percussion, guitar and keys. This combination creates a kind of twangy, mellow melancholy. “Look at me, I’m finally free of everything I’m supposed to be,” Noon (aka Keenan Mittag-Degala) croons.

Phony Ppl (feat. Joey Bada$$): On My Shit

Five-piece band Phony Ppl (Elbee Thrie, Elijah Rawk, Matt “Maffyuu” Byas, Aja Grant and Bari Bass) team up with Joey Bada$$ for “On My Shit,” a breezy, spirited ode to letting loose. The Brooklyn-based artists create a big vibe thanks to frontman Thrie’s insouciant vocals; elements of jazz, hip-hop and R&B; and measured but effortless rhymes from Bada$$. With a classic sci-fi introduction, the video bounces from a joyride to a mining scene to a laser-dappled party, where everybody is benefitting from the health, harmony and euphoria induced by the mysterious rocks found on the planet Euphonyus—where Phony Ppl are from.


Accompanied by a cinematic self-directed music video, ROZET’s “RIGAMAROLE” acts as a response to current societal trends and tribulations. “I looked up and found myself fed up with society around me,” the Texas-based artist explains in a release. “To keep from projecting my frustrations onto others I started texting myself a combination of poetry and questions for the gods, deities and universe. But, one day I reached a limit. I sent myself this text that I later titled ‘RIGAMAROLE,’ a word which represents nonsensical, meaningless commotion and procedures often used to confuse people. I say ‘NO MORE RIGAMAROLE’ because I was tired of feeling stuck in this repetitive loop of injustice and misinformation. I wanted to be heard and with the current state of society I know much of the world feels the exact same.” Raucous yet refined, “RIGAMAROLE” is a statement heard loud and clear. It’ll appear on ROZET’s forthcoming debut EP, Torso Tales.

Bassically: You Got It

For the month of April, while in quarantine in Thailand, London-based music producer, songwriter and composer Bassically (aka Raz Olsher) utilized his time in isolation to pen one track each day. He called this rigorous, inspiring project Audio Diaries. Now, Olsher’s released the ambient, atmospheric and hypnotic “You Got It,” a track from his forthcoming album, also called Audio Diaries (out 27 November)—a nod to his personal music journey through lockdown. It’s the second release from the 13-track LP, though it exists in a sonic world all its own.

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