A Hope Sandoval and Kurt Vile duet, Frank Ocean gets remixed and Amber Coffman debuts solo material in this week's music

Amber Coffman: All to Myself

Amber Coffman once again demonstrates her sublime musicality, this time in the solo outing “All to Myself.” Coffman, known first as a vocalist and guitarist in the Dirty Projectors, also captured the collective cultural consciousness with her vocals on Major Lazer’s 2012 track “Get Free.” Here, however, she gives listeners a sonic taste of her forthcoming debut solo album City Of No Reply. It’s a beautiful ballad with sincere depth that warrants repeat listenings—all coupled with a sweet video.

Computer Magic: Dimensions

Computer Magic’s dreamy, synth-pop track “Dimensions” just got an aptly fitting music video. Off her Obscure But Visible EP, the song is the lead track and it’s nothing if not ethereal. The spacey, sweet tune is set to otherworldly scenes—one of which sees Computer Magic (aka Danielle “Danz” Johnson) sitting in a neon cube in a forest, while fireflies sparkle around her. Computer Magic will be playing in Brooklyn later this month.

Hope Sandoval: Let Me Get There (feat. Kurt Vile)

In advance of her 4 November Until The Hunter album release, singer Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star acclaim) has just shared a video for lead single “Let Me Get There.” Sandoval directed the video: a serene, occasionally eerie visual treatment featuring floating statue heads with superimposed mouthes. The song itself, sung with multi-instrumentalist Kurt Vile, emphasizes the beauty of both vocalists—with their duet laid upon vibey guitar work and a smooth bass line.

Soft Hair: In Love

Eccentricity abounds in Soft Hair’s latest release “In Love,” the second single off their forthcoming album. The duo (psychedelia master Connan Mockasin and former Late of the Pier frontman Sam Eastgate) have stirred together synths, guitar and sax that feel together feel both close and distant—as if listening to the notes melt beyond a wall. The vocal layering seals the deal, lending the track further dimension and definition. Soft Hair’s self-titled album is out 28 October on Weird World.

Frank Ocean: White Ferrari (Jacques Greene Edit)

Aside from the sheer beauty and authentic, deep emotionalism of Frank Ocean’s recently released Blonde, there’s also an understood pliability to the songs that allows for some stellar remixing. Music producer Jacques Greene has accessed exactly that with his inspired take on “White Ferrari.” Greene lends the track a danceable energy but keeps Ocean’s heart intact, altogether making something fresh, honest and new.

Flamingosis: Bright Moments

New Jersey-based Flamingosis (aka Aaron Velasquez) released his gorgeous record Bright Moments a month ago. The sample-based album, which the artist worked on for several years, features a lush, layered sound that’s part hip-hop and part funk, with a little glitter and soul mixed in. The result is divine, and while we can’t pick a standout track the instrumental title track (which features The Kount), “Ohhh Baby,” and the cheery “Brunch at the Bodega” are a few we keep revisiting. Flamingosis is currently in the middle of his US tour.

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