Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife," ARP's "High-Heeled Clouds," Tiki Disco and more in this week's music recap


Kitten Pyramid: Uh Oh

As the UK celebrated the birth of a future prince on 22 August 2013, the hilariously named British prog rock band Kitten Pyramid released their own gem when their debut single “Uh Oh” hit iTunes on Monday. Those disappointed not to see an actual pyramid of kittens grace their screen will likely still delight in the seven-piece band’s approach to music. Produced by Nick Brine (of Oasis and Bruce Springsteen fame) and recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios,
“Uh Oh” offers a break from ubiquitous synth-driven sounds for a tune that harmoniously mixes rowdy guitar riffs with beautiful trumpets and smooth piano melodies.


Washed Out: Don’t Give Up

London’s Kate Moross is making quite a name for herself in the music video game with her penchant for awkward camera panning and knack for trippy videos—and we couldn’t be happier about it. The latest to receive the Moross treatment is Washed Out, whose video for “Don’t Give Up” features impeccably edited, tight-focused footage of exotic animals. Moross manipulates hue and saturation in sync with Washed Out’s chillwave sound to create a hypnotic sensory experience. We hope this is the first collaboration of many between two of our favorite artists.


Fiona Apple: Hot Knife

Interweaving vocals anxiously writhe on top of clean percussion and a well-placed piano progression—and that’s just the start of “Hot Knife,” Fiona Apple’s latest single from her critically acclaimed 2012 album The Idler Wheel…. The song meets its match with a potent music video from famed filmmaker and former flame, Paul Thomas Anderson. The visuals are simple and direct, drawing upon the gravity of Apple’s incisive lyrics while creating a setting that is intimate in all ways imaginable. From super-tight close-ups to dueling, split-screen shots shared with Apple’s sister Maude Maggart, the video is an invitation to the enduring singer’s darkly beautiful world.


ARP: High-Heeled Clouds

Also known as Alexis Georgopoulos, ARP has been making music for years under the monikers Q&A, the Alps and Tussle. Considering his extensive background in analog synthesizers and stringed instruments, ARP’s newest single “High-Heeled Clouds” is a stark antithesis to previous experimental works such as “Raga For Moog & Violin.” The repeating chord pattern is reminiscent of classic ’60s Motown ballads (The Marvelettes’ “Darling Forever” comes to mind) is almost like a too-perfect pop song, until the ending fades into an ambient wash, hinting at what ARP is fully capable of. We’ll be ready for more when ARP’s album MORE is released 17 September 2013.


Tiki Disco Summer 2013 Mix

The season for outdoor parties is well underway and our friends at Tiki Disco have an upbeat mix sure to inject life into the party. Beginning in 2009 at Brooklyn’s famous indoor-outdoor pizzeria Roberta’s, the trio of DJs recently took their brand of funk disco across Europe, and last Friday, to the rooftop of the Standard Hotel for a CH-hosted afternoon of fun. Effortlessly blending deep cuts with frivolous ’90s party staples, Tiki Disco’s mix provides enough interpretation to keep the tracks interesting without losing their dance-inspiring groove. Just pour yourself a frozen drink and let the good times roll.