Fiona Apple: Hot Knife

Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife," ARP's "High-Heeled Clouds," Tiki Disco and more in this week's music recap

Also known as Alexis Georgopoulos, ARP has been making music for years under the monikers Q&A, the Alps and Tussle. Considering his extensive background in analog synthesizers and stringed instruments, ARP’s newest single “High-Heeled Clouds” is a stark antithesis to previous experimental works such as “Raga For Moog & Violin.” The repeating chord pattern is reminiscent of classic ’60s Motown ballads (The Marvelettes’ “Darling Forever” comes to mind) is almost like a too-perfect pop song, until the ending fades into an ambient wash, hinting at what ARP is fully capable of. We’ll be ready for more when ARP’s album MORE is released 17 September 2013.