Solo tunes from Jake Shears, a folky track by Willow, Jim James covers the Beach Boys and more new music

Tourist feat. Swim Mountain + Esther Joy: Sleepwalking

While dream pop can get a bad rap for being a little too twee at times, this track by Tourist (feat. Swim Mountain + Esther Joy) is a gentle, twinkling example of the genre at its best. The song’s name, “Sleepwalking,” is a perfect explanation for its in-between, limbo-like vibe—half awake, half asleep; melancholy but hopeful. Tourist (aka British producer/songwriter William Phillips) just released his Wash EP on which this tune appears.

Jake Shears: Creep City

From Jake Shears’ (of the Scissor Sisters) upcoming solo album, “Creep City” isn’t a huge departure in sound for the artist, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Reminiscent of the cabaret-style tunes of the Scissor Sisters, the song also feels a little inspired by New Orleans’ funeral and second line brass band style. With a clanging piano and plenty of layers, this is a theatrical jam.

Willow: Romance

A great departure from her debut single, but similarly guitar-centric and lullaby-esque to her more recent releases, Willow’s new song “Romance” is a folky, powerful tune. From her just released record The 1st, it’s just Willow, a guitar, and an astute comment on feminism, gender and sexuality.

Jim James: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James quite accurately taps into Brian Wilson’s vocal delivery for “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times,” James’ new Beach Boys cover tune. There’s definitely an authenticity and respect within the track, but there’s more than an additional touch of psychedelia which yields to a glowing orchestration and ultimately a sonically-explosive development. James has his second album of cover songs, Tribute To 2, coming out 8 December.

Miguel: Told You So

With a bold, energetic dance performance intercut with scenes of rockets, explosives and protests, the music video for “Told You So” brings a politically-charged spirit to Miguel’s music. While his beautiful vocals shine forth, this feels like a departure for the singer—with a fervor and immediacy to the catchy tune. The video appears one day after Miguel announced the track—which is drawn from the singer’s forthcoming album War & Leisure, out 1 December.

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