Little Simz, NE-HI with Jamila Woods, Nilüfer Yanya and more in our musical round-up

NE-HI feat. Jamila Woods: The Times I’m Not There

Two Chicago acts have joined forces for SocialWorks, a charity benefiting Chicago public schools. Rock group NE-HI’s “The Times I’m Not There” was originally released in 2014—though this new version features the beautiful vocals of Jamila Woods and certainly differs in tone. From the gorgeous layered melodies to the clever, compelling guitar hook, it’s a collaboration that emphasizes the strengths of both musical entities.

Nilüfer Yanya: Baby Luv (ALASKALASKA Remix)

A remix that shakes the core of the original track, ALASKALASKA’s take on Nilüfer Yanya’s Baby Luv truly sparkles. The six-piece London group has turned the track into a synth-pop wonder—morphing it from its striking grunge origins. The original debuted back at the end of September and began amassing listens and captivating listeners; the remix is guaranteed to do the same.

Martyn Heyne: Fårö

Berlin-based classically trained musician and composer Martyn Heyne’s latest, “Fårö,” woos with its eerie beauty. The electronic instrumental track features no vocals, only an oscillating, moody soundscape. Appearing on Heyne’s debut full-length Electric Intervals, the song (and album) were recorded at his studio in Tempelhof Airfield, where he’s worked with bands like The National.

Breaking Forms: Carnival

From Boston-based Breaking Forms’ recently released second EP DOS, “Carnival” reflects developments in Chilean New Wave—or all New Wave for that matter. Husband and wife duo Nicole L’Huillier and Juan Necochea formed the band in Chile just prior to their move to the States. They’re preparing two more EP releases in the coming months. The track, a dazzling and hyper-energetic number, moves forward with beautiful force and rapid vocals.

Little Simz feat. Tilla: Poison Ivy

London-based Little Simz released “Poison Ivy” last year, but now the chilled out tune with Tilla has its own video. The moody black and white video perfectly accompanies the tune about difficult, toxic love—with Simz alone, playing the guitar. The track is from Stillness In Wonderland which has just been released as a deluxe edition.

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