The welcome return of Lykke Li and Mazzy Star, plus new tunes by Channel Tres and Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae: I Like That

With her third LP Dirty Computer set to be released at the end of the month, Janelle Monae keeps dropping new tracks and music videos; heightening the already bubbling anticipation. Following last week’s “Pynk” (and its awesome video) comes “I Like That,” a groovy, slinky, laid-back tune that continues to prove just how multi-talented she is, and how multi-faceted the record promises to be. Complete with shout outs to TLC and a chilled out trap beat, this song will have you gliding along for its entirety.

Lykke Li: Hard Rain

In 2015 Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li announced she was taking a break from performing and until recently it seemed she had all but retired. After hinting at new music, today she has released two songs from her upcoming album So Sad So Sexy. The record (her fourth LP) is set for release in June and the two tracks out so far, “Hard Rain” and “Deep End,” reveal a greater hip-hop influence thanks to their trap-like beats. That said, these songs are distinctly Lykke Li, with her beautiful melancholy vocals drenching the tunes.

Channel Tres: Controller

LA-based producer/vocalist Channel Tres has recreated some classic Detroit house music for “Controller,” blending it seamlessly with gravelly hip-hop. The banger is smooth, while remaining just gritty enough—and the combination is entirely seductive. The track is from the three-song EP of the same name, out this week.

Mazzy Star: Quiet, The Winter Harbor

Set to release a new EP on 1 June (their first new music since 2013’s Seasons of Your Day) Mazzy Star debuted “Quiet, The Winter Harbor” yesterday, and it’s just as dreamy and ghostly as listeners might expect. While frontwoman Hope Sandoval’s slinky vocals are as captivating as ever, the skeletal song is made up of just a piano, guitar (with plenty of reverb) and minimal percussion. Altogether it’s a gloomy but sexy ballad that blends several genres to create something quite haunting.

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