Nostalgic dance, silky neo-soul, shoegaze, indie and more in our weekly musical round-up

Oneohtrix Point Never: Black Snow

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka 0PN, aka Daniel Lopatin) is set to release a new record next month, and from it he has teased “Black Snow,” a super-atmospheric tune that is equal parts calming and unsettling. The composer/producer has created an ambient slow-burn with the song—thanks in part to Lopatin’s vocals and broken chords. The blossoming song is accompanied by a creepy, but perfectly paced video also directed by Lopatin.

Patrick Paige II: Voodoo

Patrick Paige II (also bassist/producer for The Internet) is set to release his debut album (which he has been working on for three years) Letters of Irrelevance later this month, and from it comes “Voodoo,” a lush, sexy tune that’s influenced by ’90s neo-soul without sounding like a throwback. This rich, hazy and slinky tune hints at a tremendous record, for which Paige will offer rhymes, vocals and more.

LUMP: Late to the Flight

The self-titled debut album of LUMP—a collaborative project of singer/songwriter Laura Marling and Tunng’s Mike Lindsay—will drop 1 June and its second track release “Late to the Flight” has struck. With incisive lyrics and a slow, rumbling underbelly, the track aims to address the idea of public personas through a universe of lucid dreaming. Suffice to say, Marling and Lindsay succeed with beauty in tow.

Maribou State: Turnmills

With a breezy, sweet electronic track, English duo Maribou State pays homage to London icon Turnmills nightclub. The Islington venue was famous in the ’90s and 2000s for several dance nights (including Trade, Xanadu, Heavenly Social and more) until it was closed down in 2008 and ultimately demolished. Maribou State (aka Chris Davids and Liam Ivory) tap into an idyllic, nostalgic sound with “Turnmills,” evoking an era of dance parties long gone. This tune—string-driven with a little chanting—is alluring and ethereal.

Iceage: Beyondless

The title track (and album closer) of Iceage’s latest, “Beyondless” makes for four minutes of thoughtful and lavish shoegaze pop. It’s an open-ended closing statement on an album that explores the band’s relationship with genre, space and time.

Justice: Stop

With a sound and look that is quintessentially Justice, the French electro outfit just released the official video for “Stop.” Retro-inspired, neon animation by Mrzyk + Moriceau accompanies the song, which balances heavy synths with choral elevation. The duo is set for a summer tour in Europe, and will visit the US this fall.

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