From nomadic tunes for the modern world to a comedic #PrivateJam by Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson; the music we tweeted this week


Trentemøller: Lost

As stated on the SoundCloud page for Anders Trentemøller’s record label, Lost In My Room, his newly launched album Lost, is “yet another fuck-you to whatever genre you thought you had him boxed into.” The Danish producer’s set of 12 original songs—available in full from Spotify—definitely lives up to this bold statement, taking listeners on a cohesive journey of experimental sounds that beautifully ends with the 13-minute-long, almost Pink Floyd-like track, “Haze.” Trippy, melodic and fresh, the record is not like anything you will have heard from him before, or from anyone else for that matter.


Débruit & Alsarah: Alkoan Baladi

Find a yurt and put on your dancing shoes because “Alkoan Baladi” inspires having both. While the collaborative tune is decidedly Arabic, it’s the work of French artist Débruit and the Sudan-born, Yemen-raised and Brooklyn-based singer Alsarah. The duo—whose new album Aljawal is due out this November but is now available for pre-order from Soundway Records—explains their music is actually a “child of our global experience” and a “nomadic reflection for the 21st century.” Keep an eye out as they continue their travels on tour this fall.


Lonely Island: Diaper Money

For this week’s #PrivateJam, Vampire Weekend’s animal of a drummer Chris Tomson tells us he not-so-privately admires the word of SNL comedy troupe The Lonely Island. Explains Tomson, “I think there is an unfortunately prevalent notion that music with a sense of humor can’t truly ‘mean’ something. I completely disagree, especially as I listen to The Lonely Island’s ‘Diaper Money‘ with my 30th birthday quickly approaching.”


Sin Fang: Young Boys (Jónsi Remix)

Iceland is never shy of lush, low-fi musical exploration. Sin Fang, the solo project of Seabear’s Sindri Már Sigfússon, released the album Flowers this year and the lead track “Young Boys” has received its first ever remix by none other than Sigur Ros’ Jonsi. Flowers was actually recorded in Jonsi’s home, so it seems logical that his familiarity with the album’s development led to such an intimate, yet energized re-imagining. The reworked track soars and swirls, drawing upon the original’s beauty—but existing in a dimension all its own.


2Pac: Dear Mama

As Interview Magazine announced on Friday, financing for the long-awaited Tupac Shakur biopic is finally in place. While the legendary rapper died at the tender age of 25, he accomplished more than many artists ever could, ensuring the forthcoming flick is filled with inspiring moments. To celebrate, have a listen to “Dear Mama“—a song recognized by the US’ Library of Congress for its eloquence and added to the National Recording Registry in 2010.

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