This week MTV Iggy picks five acts to watch, from South Korea's 2NE1 to Ghanaian rapper Bryte to Paris-based producer Myth Syzer

For this week’s bout of exciting new music we turned to the team behind MTV Iggy, who used their distinct global focus to highlight five international acts making noise around the world. See their picks below, and follow Iggy on Twitter for even more indie gems.


Keep Shelly In Athens: Oostende

A dreamy mix of Balearic beats, Scandinavian pop, Greek nonchalance and a touch of Sade make the aptly named duo Keep Shelly in Athens a melodic wonder. “Oostende” brings their yearning to life in a video teeming with shooting stars and missed connections, compounded by soft vocals and a strong emotional pull. Originally signed to Gorilla vs Bear’s Forest Family Records and now on Cascine, the band recently released their full length album, At Home. Have a listen for a deeper look at these musical wanderlusts.


2NE1: Missing You

2NE1 made waves throughout South Korea by differing themselves from their fellow cookie-cutter all-girl pop groups, who seemed to take stage as eye candy rather than as performers. Influenced by hip-hop, R&B and a good dose of electronic dance, 2NE1 is known for their empowering lyrics and powerful vocals, but aren’t afraid to indulge in bold thematic music videos. Their winter single “Missing You” takes a breather from their usual fierce approach—in their take on the standard ballad, the juxtaposition between the moods of the verses and the chorus keeps you hooked. Stay tuned for their 2014 world tour and new album, both titled AON: All or Nothing.


Bloods: No Fun

Aussie three-piece garage outfit Bloods comes in swinging on their latest single “No Fun.” With an upbeat and in-your-face attitude, the band evokes a carefree, “windows down in the summertime” feeling while keeping things just edgy enough—calling to mind the ’80s sound of Joan Jett. Already dubbed a band to watch, Bloods will hopefully stay true to their DIY sound even as their fan base grows.


Myth Syzer: Clean Shoes (feat. Prince Waly)

Paris-based producer Myth Syzer has created beats for his fellow French artists Joke and Yann Ichon as well as Harlem-based rapper Perrion. If his remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Work” didn’t get your head bobbing, “Clean Shoes,” featuring epic rhymes from Prince Waly, will. The music video transports you back to another decade but the rap is as fresh as his Nike Cortez “sneakers are clean.”


Bryte: Nadia Number

If winning a national talent hunt in Ghana wasn’t enough, Accra-based rapper Bryte was also a promising marketing student at one of the country’s most prestigious universities before his music career took off. His latest video for “Nadia Number” sees Bryte (né Edem Dziku Bright) cruising through his bustling city while rapping at Busta Rhymes speed—with the flow to match. Bryte’s forward-thinking style and lyrical abilities make him an MC to look out for in Africa and abroad.

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