From Georgia to Giorgio with Caribou in between, the songs we tweeted this week


Sonzeira: Aquarela do Brasil (Mark E Remix)

Recognized by the BBC as the “Best Singer of the Millennium,” legendary Brazilian chanteuse Elza Soares is an essential contributor to Gilles Peterson’s new concept album Brasil Bam Bam Bam. Peterson tapped some of the country’s leading artists to represent the nation’s different music styles under the group name Sonzeira. Soares features on the classic Brazilian track “Aquarela do Brasil”—a song she’s actually never recorded before. Peterson then asked DJ and producer Mark E to
remix her rendition, which he does with fantastic finesse by leaving Soares’ haunting vocals to harmonize a stripped-down bossa drum beat.


Georgia: Be Ache

Georgia Barnes is a fierce female drummer who’s played some serious live beats for Kwes, Kate Tempest and JUCE (a rad trio recently making waves for breaking girl group stereotypes), and she’s slowly sidling her way into the compositional spotlight with her first track “Be Ache.” While the vocal filters she uses feel a little familiar to the ear, it’s the noisy rhythmic textures that grabbed our attention. The track is gritty and doesn’t have a strong tonal center—which gets you at the edge of your seat. Her debut EP Come In will be released via London-based indie label Kaya Kaya records, co-founded by JUCE member Cherish Kaya.


Caribou: Can’t Do Without You

Canadian musician Dan Snaith is back as Caribou (after dropping the dance-inducing LP Jiaolong as Daphni in 2012), and his new single “Can’t Do Without You” feels like he’s picking up where he left off in 2010. From his forthcoming third album as Caribou, Our Love (which features Owen Pallett and Jessy Lanza), “Can’t Do” sublimely escalates into a carefully composed barrage of sounds that is sure to make this a ubiquitous backyard banger during summer. We can’t wait to catch him at Dimensions this August, where he’s on the bill as both Daphni and Caribou.


Theoish: Never Alone

The wistful new melody “Never Alone” from London’s Theo Krish—a producer who writes and records under the moniker Theoish—carries you into a beautiful harmonic trance with its hazy, Nina Simone-like vocals and complementary tinge of perfectly placed chimes. Simple but emotive, at six and a half minutes long, “Never Again” is a tranquil journey perfect for both winding down or waking up. The Wizard Sleeve member cites his music-making family and skateboard videos as major influences on his work, which you can hear in his own tunes or remixes of others, as well as in compositions he’s created for an array of short films.


Giorgio Moroder: Giorgio’s Theme

It’s difficult to overstate the impact 74-year-old producer, DJ and performer Giorgio Moroder has had on contemporary music. So when the Italian disco legend makes music (or talks), people listen. His latest release “Giorgio’s Theme” is classic Moroder. A broad, cinematic disco epic (the sort that made the “Scarface” composer famous) builds and breaks over the seven and half-minute track. The song marks the first in Adult Swim’s annual release of free singles by carefully selected (and acclaimed) artists. Check the link for an exclusive interview with Moroder where he touches on everything from his work in film to his take on modern dance music.

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