Devonté Hynes' piano improvisation, Kindness' "World Restart," a look back at Secret Machines and more in the music we tweeted this week


Kindness: World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade

British musician Adam Bainbridge, aka Kindness, mixes pop’s lightness and accessibility with some experimental fringes. The first single off of his upcoming sophomore album Otherness, “World Restart,” is a great example of such. Impeccably recorded saxophone, bass and drums set up the foundation for a funky downtempo groove, and the soulful duet between singers Kelela and Ade is supported by a soothing, communal chorus. With each listen, Bainbridge’s thoughtful production becomes more evident, like the interesting “breath” taken at 1:28. Otherness drops 14 October 2014 via Female Energy/Mom + Pop Records and features Robyn and more.


Ty Segall: Susie Thumb

When the old guard says there’s no good old fashioned rock’n’roll artists today, simply point them in the direction of Ty Segall. The prolific LA-based artist dropped two records last year each to its own acclaim and sounding like it was recorded in a different decade. “Susie Thumb“the first single off his upcoming full-length Manipulator out 26 Augusthit the airwaves and internets this week. Edging just slightly away from his garage rock roots towards a spacier Bowie-esque vibe, Segall comes with the energy, intensity and raucous guitar his followers have grown to love. Expect this to be his most polished and grand release to date.


Secret Machines: Nowhere Again

Milo Greene band member Graham Fink is behind this week’s #PrivateJam, and the LA-based musician tells us of his selection: “In 2004, I graduated from high school and the Secret Machines were the soundtrack. I thought their album, Now Here is Nowhere, was incredible then, and it has really stood the test of time for me. ‘Nowhere Again‘ is still my go-to jam for long drives, when I need an energy boost and a good few minutes of air drumming. Sadly their original guitarist, Ben Curtis, passed away at the end of last yearat just 35after a struggle with cancer. They played a big role in my understanding of what a modern ‘rock’ band could be, as I transitioned into an actual career in music, and I’m grateful for the records that they released.”


Leikeli47: Two Times a Charm

Rapper Leikeli47 is masked in mysteryliterally. The artist who crosses genres from soul to Caribbean step has only been photographed wearing a mask and her videos usually feature her friends instead of the artist herself. Her recent single “Two Times a Charm” sees the most advanced confluence of influences in the (supposedly) Brooklyn-based rapper’s catalogue. Quick spit verses la Busta Rhymes seamlessly turn to an intimate R&B tinged aside. It’s disjointed but catchy, the kind of track that against all odds simply works. Breaking new ground in the female rap game, Leikeli47 is an artist to watch.


Blood Orange: Piano Improvisation 1

Blood Orangeaka Devont Hynesspent a late night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music preparing for his upcoming TEDxMartha’sVineyard talk, and took a break to “have a laff” and ended up creating this calming piano improvisation. The NYC-based musical mastermindand subject of a Cool Hunting videobegan by playing the piano at age seven, before moving onto the cello, then the guitar and seemingly any piece of equipment he came across. While these days his projects speak more to fans of electronic music, artistic moments like these reflect his fondness for classical music and his inherent talent.

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