Marvin Sease: Candy Licker

Emoji Beyoncé, How To Dress Well, Shit Robot and more in the music we tweeted this week

Filmmaker, digital strategist and founder of Soul Aquatics (a freestyle jam session and participatory music experience), Philadelphia-based musician and creative extraordinaire Rashid Zakat brings us this week’s #PrivateJam. Picking an ever-so-slightly embarrassing favorite, Zakat has selected a live performance of a Marvin Sease classic. Explains Zakat, “Marvin Sease makes R. Kelly look like Bill Withers. His unapologetic raunchy southern soul sounds like line music, if it were written by Howard Stern. As over-the-top as his lyrics can be, ‘Candy Licker‘ is an incredibly catchy and nostalgic song for anyone that has parents or grandparents from the South.”