Otis Brown III: The Way (Truth & Life)

New energy found among household names like Melvins, Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke and more in the music we tweeted this week

Drummers—we often forget—make some of the most interesting composers, especially in the realm of jazz, as they write from a fresh perspective that might not put such an emphasis on harmonies and melodies. Otis Brown III’s “The Way (Truth & Life)“—the opening track off his debut album The Thought of You—is a great example of such new energy, especially as it’s co-written with Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist Robert Glasper, known for his group The Robert Glasper Experiment which leans toward electronic, hip-hop, R&B and many other genres. Keep an ear out for the drums and cymbals in this piece to fully appreciate the artist’s talent and setup.