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Cliff Martinez picks this week's PrivateJam, Air releases a vinyl-only museum-inspired album, Para One channels early '90s dance parties and more

The Rosebuds (a Raleigh, NC-based indie rock duo) are back for their sixth LP Sand + Silence, with co-production from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon (who played guitars and synths) and Sylvan Esso’s Nick Sanborn on bass. The single “In My Teeth” gives us a hint of what the rest of the album will be like—the free-spirited, bittersweet but light tone is reminiscent of earlier Rosebuds, and the track has been mixed to perfection. Listen for the smoothly blended vocals, the crisp acoustic guitar, the space that the synths create—and the melody is catchy in the least irritating way possible. Sand + Silence is due out 5 August 2014 from Western Vinyl.