Shintaro Sakamoto: Birth of the Super Cult

Schoolhouse Rock!, Dolly at Glastonbury, a Bobby Womack tribute and more in this week's look at music

Shintaro Sakamoto further distances himself from his past life as the lead singer of the Japanese psychedelic rock trio Yura Yura Teikoku (which broke up after two decades) with his second solo album Let’s Dance Raw. The first single, “Birth of the Super Cult,” has a simple yet eerie video (featuring Sakamoto on pedal steel guitar, accompanied by a high-pitched ventriloquist dummy) to go along with the equally weird, but gentle track. Transporting the listener to a Hawaiian beach somewhere in a post-apocalyptic world, Sakamoto’s song creates a pleasant daze. Let’s Dance Raw will be released from Other Music Recording Co on 16 September 2014.