Temi Dollface: Pata Pata

Nigeria's Temi Dollface, Larry Gus' Madlib tribute, Hecuba's MoCA-approved video and more in our week of music

Long known for its prolific film industry, Nigera is also home to a budding pop and hip-hop community. Temi Dollface, who splits her time between Lagos and London, is shaking things up in the Naija scene with her vintage-sampling beats and strong female vocals. Our friends at Okayafrica provided some useful commentary on her detail-laden video for her single “Pata Pata.” Talks of a relationship gone boring backed by a video in the style of kitschy ’50s advertisements, the song successfully balances sardonic humor with social commentary. Groundbreaking in the contemporary Nigerian music scene, Temi Dollface is an exciting new artist to watch.