The Rolling Stones: Tumbling Dice

The Smiths get covered, DJ DB Burkeman on the Rolling Stones and more in this week's look at music

This week’s #PrivateJam comes from pioneering DJ and record label founder DB Burkeman. A player in early rave culture and known for his key role in bringing drum and bass to the US, the New York-via-London crate-digging music maven turns to good ol’ rock when he needs it. “Tumbling Dice,” the groovy Stones track from the early ’70s, comes from what many call their best period. “It’s a track that has the power to snap me out of whatever kind of funk, or self-pitying mood I’m in,” DB says. “If I’m feeling good, it produces a natural high unlike anything else.” Musically, the song comes full circle with Burkeman’s tastes. “I feel like it’s one of the first and still best examples of a rock’n’roll band making wicked dance music. The groove they hit after the three minute mark still gives me goosebumps.”