Ty Segall: Susie Thumb

Devonté Hynes' piano improvisation, Kindness' "World Restart," a look back at Secret Machines and more in the music we tweeted this week

When the old guard says there’s no good old fashioned rock’n’roll artists today, simply point them in the direction of Ty Segall. The prolific LA-based artist dropped two records last year each to its own acclaim and sounding like it was recorded in a different decade. “Susie Thumb“—the first single off his upcoming full-length Manipulator out 26 August—hit the airwaves and internets this week. Edging just slightly away from his garage rock roots towards a spacier Bowie-esque vibe, Segall comes with the energy, intensity and raucous guitar his followers have grown to love. Expect this to be his most polished and grand release to date.