Alex & Chloe Wedding Rings


by Natalia Rachlin

Elusive jewelry designers Alex & Chloe (rumor has it there's actually just one L.A.-based designer) have become known for edgy but delicate jewelry and also, recently, for launching a t-shirt line. Now, it turns out, they'll also be the perfect duo to turn to if you're in the market for a wedding ring. With their "Holding You Forever" rings, designed exclusively for Revolve Clothing, Alex & Chloe offer a beautiful, surprisingly square set of 14k gold rings to exchange when tying the knot. The women's version is bejeweled with three inverted white diamonds ($1,892), while the men's version keeps it nice and simple ($1,805). Perfect for a couple that wants to keep it chic but doesn't want to go the traditional gold band route.

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